Welcome to Metis Champion DEX

Hercules, the CamelotDEX model design on Metis through a friendly authorized fork.
We at Hercules are thrilled to leverage the CamelotDEX tech stack and DEX model design to become Metis’ champion DEX!
Are you ready for the Hercules Era on Metis? Join the NitroDrop Campaign!
The platform is capital efficient, and highly flexible, offering a range of tools and features that can be customized to meet the unique needs of Metis builders while offering real yield to the community and sustainable tokenomics. The platform is powered by Camelot's feature-rich AMM design, the leading DEX on Arbitrum. Both teams are committed to setting the foundation by creating a vibrant and thriving DeFi ecosystem.

Hercules Feature in a Nutshell

I) Dynamic AMM (dAMM): Support for volatile pairs based on the usual UniV2 model, and at the same time support for correlated assets like stable pairs.
II) Directional swap fees: Customize swap fees depending on the direction (buying or selling) to best suit protocols strategies seeking sticky liquidity.
III) Concentrated liquidity (clAMM) complexity abstraction: Greater adoption of clAMM through simplified integration into the DEX flywheel.
IV) Liquidity position NFTs: Yield-bearing Non-Fungible Staked Positions (spNFTs) that offer an extra layer of composability for greater capital efficiency.
V) Customized launchpad: A custom-built platform offering several token launch strategies: fair-launch, referrals, discounts, airdrop, hard-cap, whitelist, etc.
VI) Swap referral: The platform offers a whitelisted referral system to share swap fees with partners/integrators.
VII) Dual-token design: Two tokens, TORCH and xTORCH, enable Hercules' sustainable tokenomics while capturing real yield in the form of METIS and USDC.
VIII) Deflationary mechanisms: xTORCH's natively integrated burn mechanism and TORCH buybacks benefit the long-term growth and sustainability of the protocol.
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