Nitro Pools

What are Nitro pools?

Nitro Pools are special duration-fixed pools that first require a user’s spNFT to enter. These specialty pools offer an additional layer of yield in addition to the already existing farming incentives.

What is the purpose of Nitro Pools?

Nitro Pools are an additional measure to incentivize users and promote sticky liquidity on the protocol. Nitro Pools also allow projects to incentivize additional liquidity for pairs in a completely permissionless and customizable way.

How to use Nitro pools?

To use a nitro pool, you can stake an spNFT position into one of the nitro pools. and earn rewards proportional to your share of total deposits. You can deposit as many staked positions as you desire, provided they meet the pool's requirements

Can I deposit positions into the Nitro Pool with an active xTORCH boost?

Yes. Users can still deposit positions that they already have an active yield boost on. The boost will influence yields earned only from the farming emissions and not from the Nitro Pool.

Do spNFTs deposited in the Nitro Pool receive rewards from the farming emissions and Nitro Pool?

Yes. The position will receive both nitro pool and yield rewards from the incentivized Hercules pool if the position has yield-bearing properties.

Will my rewards be locked if the Nitro Pool requires a lock?

No. Users can harvest rewards from the Nitro Pool at any time, even if the Nitro Pool requires a lock.

How do I whitelist a wallet address for a Nitro Pool?

Only the deployer has the authority to enable whitelisting. Your wallet address must be added to the whitelist by the deployer to permit your involvement in the pool.

Why can't I change management settings after staking my spNFT in the Nitro Pool?

Depending on the nitro pool, certain position management functions may become unavailable once a position is deposited.

Does 'permissionless' mean there won't be a community vote on Nitro Pool deployment?

No. 'permissionless' in this context means that Nitro Pools can be created by anyone without the permission of a centralized entity.

When I try depositing a position into the Nitro Pool, it says the position is incompatible. Why is that?

To deposit your position into a nitro pool, your position must first fulfill the following requirements:

  • Lock Duration

  • A minimum end lock

  • Minimal deposit amount

  • whitelisted address if the deployer of the pool chooses this as a requirement.

**A customized external requirement may also be required in some cases depending on the pool creator.

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