🔁Using Hercules Bridge Integrations

Hercules offers two third-party bridge providers integrated into its UI. This means a user can bridge from other blockchains to Metis on the Hercules site.

Currently, Hercules offers Synapse Protocol and LI.FI on its UI. You can find this capability by selecting "Bridge" in the top menu after launching the dApp.

At present, on our UI, LI.FI allows a cross-chain swap, meaning a user can sell one token on one chain and receive a different token on another chain in exchange.

At present, on our UI, Synapse allows a same-token bridge, meaning a user can send a token from one chain to another.

Next, select LI.FI or Synapse.

Next, choose the network you are sending from and the token, and follow the UI to send your assets to Metis.

Once the transaction is confirmed, your assets are on Metis.

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