Anyone can deploy their own Nitro Pool to incentivize any type of liquidity, however, all Nitro Pools must have the following info at creation:

  • The token (LP token or single asset) to incentivize

  • The incentive token

  • The opening time (deposits opening, pool appearing to users on the app)

  • The start time (activation of the rewards distribution)

  • The end time (end of the rewards distribution)

Once a pool is deployed, the pool’s creator can optionally configure its requirements.

Adding Rewards

Only the Nitro Pool’s creator can add rewards to the pool. A creator can add rewards anytime before its end, however, rewards can only be added in the form of the original incentive token at creation.

Modify An Existing Nitro Pool

A Nitro Pool can be modified or terminated by its owner anytime before it goes live.

Official Nitro Pools

Official Nitro Pools are pools created by either the Hercules team or confirmed partners of Hercules. Some of these pools may have special requirements or specifications listed on their respective pages.

Community Nitro Pools

Nitro Pools created by entities outside of Hercules will be labeled as β€œCommunity Nitro Pools”.

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