Nitro Pools ONLY accept Staked Positions (spNFTs) as deposits.

Every Nitro Pool will have the following settings:

  • A specific wrapped LP (or single asset). Only positions made from this deployer-defined asset can be deposited into the pool

  • A reward token (additional rewards can be added at any time)

  • A deposit start time before which no one can stake

  • A rewards' distribution phase duration (start and end times)

  • An optional harvest start time before which no one can collect their earned rewards yet


Users can deposit as many spNFTs as they desire. The rewards are calculated based on the sum of the user’s current total deposits.

Users also have the freedom to add or exit new positions at any time.

Staking Interaction

Users can add new positions anytime. While some interactions within the nitro pool may be limited due to the pool’s requirements, users can still add to their positions and withdraw their TORCH and xTORCH rewards from their staked spNFTs in a Nitro Pool.

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