🔒xTORCH Token

Hercules' Escrowed Token for Sustainable Tokenomics

Name: xTORCH Token Ticker: xTORCH Chain: Metis Andromeda Network Contract: 0xF192897fC39bF766F1011a858dE964457bcA5832

xTORCH is a non-transferable escrowed token, corresponding to staked TORCH. xTORCH can be allocated to Hercules plugins to activate various benefits.

xTORCH can be obtained by converting TORCH or as a farming reward.

xTORCH plays an important role in the sustainability of Hercules tokenomics:

  • Farming rewards are allocated in the form of TORCH/xTORCH in a 20/80 ratio, meaning most of the emissions require a vesting period to become liquid.

  • Sustainable tokenomics is enhanced through several xTORCH benefits.

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