📊Token Distribution

Genesis Pools

  • 12% to Fair Launch distributed upfront (5% xTORCH and 10% TORCH).

  • 7.5% to Protocol Owned Liquidity.

  • 5% Genesis (Nitro) Pools distributed linearly over 4 months as xTORCH, of which:

    • 3.5% to bootstrap protocol TVL.

    • 1.5% to Genesis Boost, further onboarding TVL with new pools.

TORCH Vesting Schedule

The supply will be released over a total of 3 years in both TORCH (in blue) and xTORCH (in green).

The initial TORCH and xTORCH float is 23% and 8.8%, respectively.

Each category has the following vests:

  • Core Contributors: 4 month cliff + 32 month linear vest.

  • Fair Launch: ⅔ TORCH, ⅓ xTORCH.

  • Liquidity Mining: 20% TORCH, 80% xTORCH vested over 3 years.

  • Protocol Owned Liquidity: Unlocked Upfront in TORCH.

  • Ecosystem: 36 month linear vest.

  • Advisors: 36 month linear vest in xTORCH.

  • Genesis Pools: distributed linearly over 4 months in xTORCH.

  • Partnerships: 6 month cliff + 24 month linear vest in xTORCH.

  • Camelot DAO: 2.5% unlocked upfront in xTORCH, 5% vested linearly from month 7 to 19 in xTORCH.

  • Hercules DAO: 1.3% unlocked upfront in xTORCH.

Genesis Liquidity Mining Program

Hercules began opening its Genesis Pools on April 1, 2024. Depositors in these Pools linearly earn emissions in xTORCH for about 4 months.

Liquidity mining emissions

Hercules will release 20% of liquidity incentives emissions in TORCH and 80% in xTORCH.

The ratio earned may differ by pool and the exact emissions rate will respond to demand but target the rate in the release schedule graph.

Both native and riskier pools will generally earn a higher percentage of TORCH vs xTORCH.


All partnerships will vest over a 2-year time horizon in xTORCH with a 6-month cliff.

Partnership allocations will go towards protocols that integrate with Hercules.

Most partners will serve as initial launch partners and have their tokens featured in the Genesis Nitro Pools as being part of the Hercules' Olympic Circle.

Olympic Circle

Protocols that join Hercules' Olympic Circle will form the foundation for a long-term relationship, closely aligning our shared vision of growing the Metis ecosystem.

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