🥅The Goal

The DEX is built with to foster the entire Metis ecosystem. We endeavor to achieve the following:

  • Support builders by providing tools that help them launch, bootstrap liquidity, create partnerships and gain exposure to the wider Metis ecosystem.

  • Create a sustainable DEX that drives protocol rewards to builders, liquidity providers, token holders, and contributors for making long-term commitments to growing Metis and Hercules.

  • Create sticky liquidity using an innovative dual-token framework and real yield model for a self-reinforcing incentive structure.

  • Provide sophisticated asset management tools to protocols and users alike, and abstract away those tools to the extent practicable.

  • Offer multiple layers of composability that allows other protocols to build on top and actively expand the network activity, especially after the Metis Decentralized Sequencer upgrade.

  • Provide permissionless tools to allow projects, big and small, to utilize our protocol's tools to best suit their needs.

  • To the fullest extent possible, operate under DAO governance while the Hercules team continus to build the protocol.

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