Token Swap Tutorial

How to swap tokens on Hercules.

How to conduct a token swap on Hercules

  1. Go to the Hercules application and you'll be automatically directed to the swap terminal.

  2. Choose the desired assets you wish to transact with and the amount. In our example below, we've chosen to sell 0.05 Metis for m.USDC.

  3. After inputting the assets and desired amounts, Click the orange "swap" button below.

  1. A separate window will open with details of the swap. Review and confirm the swap rates, then click "swap".

  1. A confirmation window from the Web3 wallet you are connected to will open with the transaction you are conducting. Review or set any gas rates associated with the transaction, then click "Confirm".

Your swap is complete!

Swap Settings

To view the settings, click on the settings icon: ⚙️

Values for slippage, deadline, and the max hops can be adjusted here.

  • Slippage – The difference between the expected price of an order and the price at which the order is executed. This is given as a percentage.

  • Deadline – The time after which the transaction is finalized and can no longer be executed. This is given in minutes.

  • Max Hops – The maximum number of steps a transaction goes through before reaching the final destination. For example, ETH → METIS → m.USDC → USDC is 3 hops total.

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