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How can I obtain TORCH tokens?

TORCH can be purchased through the Hercules exchange on the "swap" tab or earned through farming after creating an spNFT position.

How can I obtain xTORCH tokens?

TORCH is convertible to xTORCH at a 1:1 ratio under the xTORCH tab. Additionally, xTORCH tokens can be earned when you participate in incentivized active farms.

What is the value of xTORCH?

xTORCH is an illiquid asset that is pegged to the value of TORCH. One xTORCH equals one TORCH.

Does TORCH have a max supply?

The TORCH max supply is 10,000,000

Does xTORCH have a max supply?

xTORCH exists as a wrapped TORCH and does not have a max supply. The number of xTORCH in circulation is equal to the number of TORCH tokens.

Can I swap xTORCH for other tokens?

xTORCH is an illiquid asset meaning it's non-transferable nor tradable. You can only convert xTORCH for TORCH at a ratio determined by your selected vesting schedule.

How does the vesting schedule to convert xTORCH into TORCH work?

You must select a vesting schedule to convert your xTORCH into TORCH. The minimum vesting duration is 15 days which redeems your xTORCH for TORCH at a 1:0.5 ratio (50% TORCH output). maximum duration is 180 days which redeems your xTORCH at a 1:1 ratio (100% TORCH output). As your xTORCH enters its vesting period, 50% of the amount is automatically staked in dividends, earning you additional rewards for the duration of the vesting period.

xTORCH Plugins

How to utilize xTORCH Plugins?

Plugins can be accessed and managed by entering the "dashboard" page. This can be found by navigating to the top of the Hercules dApp page and clicking "Dashboard" or by selecting any of the specific plugins in the dashboard drop-down tab.

Currently, Hercules offers the following plugins:

  1. Dividends plugin

  2. Yield Booster plugin

  3. Launchpad plugin

In the dashboard, you can:

  • Convert TORCH to xTORCH.

  • Redeem xTORCH for TORCH through vesting.

  • Allocate xTORCH to the dividends plugin to earn rewards.

  • Allocate xTORCH through the yield booster plugin to boost your positions' APR.

  • Allocate xTORCH to the launchpad plugin to get exposed to launchpad presales and other launchpad-related benefits.

What are the benefits of yield booster, and how does it work?

Users can boost their APR emissions by allocating xTORCH to a specific spNFT position. The boost in xTORCH allocation depends on the number of users allocating to a particular asset. Note that a higher number of users allocating xTORCH to a position will result in a lower APR, as the boost is shared among users.

How are dividends distributed?

A portion of the transaction fees generated on the platform are distributed as dividends every week. Rewards are distributed continuously, meaning you can harvest pending rewards at any point.

Does the dividends epoch (cycle) always consist of 7 days?

Yes, the dividends epoch always lasts for 7 days.

What is the Launchpad plugin?

Allocating to the launchpad plugin grants you exposure to potential presale opportunities and other launchpad-related benefits.

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