🆙Yield Booster Plugin

The yield booster plugin allows users to stake their xTORCH to their Staked Position NFT (SpNFT) to boost their already existing APR rewards from farming.

The yield booster plugin only boosts farming incentives (TORCH/xTORCH) and has no effect on LP trading fees or Nitro/Genesis pools.

The yield boost multiplier is different based on the staking position's wrapped LP, but will usually use the default x2 value.

Boost rewards for users will fluctuate depending on the amount of xTORCH tokens assigned to pairs. The less xTORCH assigned to a pair equates to a higher APR boost for users. The more xTORCH assigned to a pair equates to a lower APR boost rewards for users.

The typical yield boost plugin multiplier will usually be at the x2 standard rate value. Yield boost plugins will never exceed x2.5.

This value calculation for every position is as follows:

  • The position's LP amount

  • The total staked LP amount across all positions and users

  • The position's allocated xTORCH amount

  • The total allocated xTORCH across all of the positions with the same LP

  • The LP max boost multiplier (cannot exceed x2.5)

Deallocating xTORCH From Yield Booster

Deallocating xTORCH from this plugin is not subject to any condition and can be done at any time.

The deallocation fee is 0.5%.

Use the calculator to help you determine the current amount of xTORCH needed to achieve your desired boost

All plugins charge a 0.5% fee for unstaking xTORCH.

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