How to Use xTORCH

The illiquid and non-transferable xTORCH can be freely allocated into modules called Plugins to access different benefits:

  • Dividends gives a daily portion of the DEX’s revenue in the form of USDC and METIS.

  • Yield Booster boosts the yield of the user's yield bearing spNFTs.

  • Launchpad gives the opportunity to participate in new project launches.

  • Gauges will be launched later.

Allocating xTORCH

Users can allocate their available xTORCH to any plugin(s). While xTORCH is allocated and consequently deposited on the token contract, it cannot be used for anything else.

Deallocating allocated xTORCH will withdraw the amount back into the owner's wallet.

All plugins charge a 0.5% fee for unstaking xTORCH.


By default, xTORCH tokens are non-transferable except for whitelisted addresses. This restriction is in place to ensure important interactions, such as allocations and redemption through the token contract, can still occur. Additionally, this allows for specific implementations with partners and other additional usages.

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