🚀Launchpad Plugin

The xTORCH Launchpad plugin grants users additional opportunities by exposing them to a variety of different assets from projects launching or utilizing the Hercules launchpad.

The benefits of the Launchpad plugin may include airdrops, whitelist spots, discounts, and other incentives. Specific details of each sale will be publicized and shared in advance via the Launchpad plugin app.

  • Launchpad plugin benefits are only available by staking xTORCH in the Launchpad plugin.

  • Users staking xTORCH to the plugin are eligible for benefits related to the launchpad until they unstake.

  • Once you allocate xTORCH to the Launchpad plugin, a 30-day cooldown timer is triggered which resets every time you allocate more xTORCH. During this time, you cannot deallocate your xTORCH.

  • The amount of xTORCH a user allocates towards the plugin determines their share of the regards Higher allocation equals increased share of rewards.

  • If the total amount of xTORCH allocated to the plugin increases, each user's share will decrease proportionally; this process works in both directions.

  • There will be a snapshot for each reward distribution phase on the dates specified on the Launchpad plugin app.

  • Each project launch will provide its own unique reward system to xTORCH allocators in the plugin.

All plugins charge a 0.5% fee for unstaking xTORCH.

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