Security Measures

Hercules' codebase is based on the battle-hardened smart contracts expertly crafted by the Camelot team. It is worth noting the Hercules is an authorized fork of Camelot and with that includes all of the same features and security measures that the Camelot project possesses.

Camelot's feature suite has been meticulously audited by Paladin, a leader in smart contract security. Paladin offers the most advanced and thorough auditing services in the industry, ensuring industry leading security assessments.

A detailed outline of Camelot's audits can be viewed in their documentation.

Enhancing Protocol Security with Multisig

To enhance the security of the Hercules protocol, multi-sig (multi-signature) technology is used to ensure funds cannot be accessed by a single bad actor. Multisig involves the combination of several unique signatures to validate a transaction. This means that to access funds held in a multi-signature address, at least two or more signatures must be provided at the same time. The integration of multisig wallets introduces an extra security layer, mitigating the risks associated with traditional single-key wallets.

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